Hardcover   60 pages   240 x 224 mm   68 colour and 20 black and white illustrations   1979
UK Viking Kestrel ISBN 0-978-0-722-65676-1
USA Scribners ISBN 978-0-684-163390

Also published in German as Guck Hin! (Middelhauve), French as Regards sur la peinture (du Sorbier), in Italian as Basta Guardare! (Emme), in Danish as Kom og kik (GADS), in Norwegian as Se… (Aschehoug), in Swedish as Titta Noga (Rabén & Sjögren), in Japanese and in Hebrew.

Robert Cumming

This excellent introduction to looking at pictures is written in an approachable and inviting style, showing its readers how to observe and understand the ways in which different artists paint. Suitable for readers aged 8 to 80.

Robert Cumming has chosen about paintings to illustrate how artists such as Breughel, da Vinci, Hogarth, Mondrian, Picasso, Matisse and many others use colour, light and various techniques to achieve specific effects. Cumming is clear and down-to-earth in his approach, drawing on many years of experience lecturing at the Tate Gallery in London to both young and older audiences.

Published in ten languages, Just Look won the prestigious Silver Pencil Award in Holland.

ROBERT CUMMING studied Law and Art History at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. His first job was in the Education and Exhibitions Department at the Tate Gallery. In 1978 he joined Christie’s to set up and lead the team that created Christie’s Education which was to become the foremost international programme of courses on the fine and decorative arts and the training ground for many future art world professionals. Just Look was his first book. Just Imagine (see below) was his second. He has subsequently written nine books on various aspects of painting and collecting.