CATEGORY   Natural History, Food, Walking

Hardcover, 288 pages, 251 x 191 mm, 1973

UK David & Charles ISBN 978-0-715-36330-0
USA Clarkson Potter ISBN 978-0-517-50550-2

A.E.L. Desson (ed)

This book was the first comprehensive encyclopedia of the world’s rocks and minerals to be compiled specifically with the collector in mind. Covering well over 2000 types it is an invaluable work of reference both for buyers of mineral specimens and for those in the field who collect them.

One thousand specially taken colour photographs are closely integrated with the entries, which are alphabetically arranged for ease of reference. Each entry deals with a particular mineral and provides all the important information including composition, crystal formation, colour, streak, lustre, physical properties, distinguishing characteristics, methods of identification, environment, geographical occurrence, and variety.

In addition, every term used which is not standard English is clearly defined and explained. The beginner will have no difficulty in using the book, and its completeness and authority will make it essential for the student and the advanced collector.

Articles included cover crystal structures, the various families of rocks, and other general topics. The problems of identifying minerals are dealt with in a helpful tabulated form. The book is fully cross-referenced to cover alternative names.